1002 - Citizens Advisory Committees





1002.2 - School District Community Groups




The board values the participation and support of school district community groups, including but not limited to the Booster Club and parent-teacher organizations, which strive for the betterment of the district and the education program. The board shall work closely with these groups.

Prior to any purchase of or fundraising for the purchase of goods or services for the district, the group shall confer with the superintendent [or designee] to assist the group in purchasing goods or services to meet the district’s needs.

Funds raised by these groups for the district shall not be kept as part of the accounts of the school district. However, any school-related fundraising group must have a federal identification number for tax filing purposes.

It shall be the responsibility of the building principal to be the liaison with the school district community groups affiliated with their attendance center and the superintendent [or designee].

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 3/13
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 279.8 (2013)