1003 - Relations Between School Personnel and the Public




1003.3 - Complaints about School Personnel




Whenever there is a complaint about the action of an employee, the individual should first be directed to consult with the affected employee concerning the complaint.

Next, the individual may give information to the employee’s immediate supervisor.

If the matter is not resolved, the appeal process will follow this order:

  1. Other supervisors or administrators in the line of responsibility
  2. The superintendent of schools
  3. The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall strongly encourage citizens to follow this chain of appeal.

No appeal will be heard by the Board of Directors and no charges against the employee will be investigated or acted upon by the board unless they are reduced to writing, signed by the party bringing them, and presented to the board through the superintendent.

The board will not hear or discuss confidential student or personnel complaints in open session.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/13; 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 11/10

1003.4 - School District Volunteers




The Board of Directors encourages the use of community resources and citizens to assist in furthering the educational program of the school system. One of the greatest resources available may be found in the citizens of the community who have special knowledge and particular talents to contribute to the educational program. The board may allow volunteers to serve the schools on a regular basis. Volunteers, when in contact with students, are required to serve in public areas of the school.

Recruitment, training, utilization, and the maintenance of records for the purposes of insurance coverage and/or recognition of school district volunteers is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee].

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent [and designee] to develop the administrative regulations.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/13; 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 10/08
Related Policy (Code #): 279.8; 670 (2013)

1003.4-R - Administrative Regulations Regarding School District Volunteers




The Board of Directors recognizes the important contributions that volunteers provide in assisting educational programs of the school system. For consistency, equity, and safety the following regulations shall frame the integration of volunteers and community resources in the Linn-Mar schools.

  1. Community members volunteering their time will follow employee guidelines in regard to conduct and appearance as described in board policy 403.21. As a role model for students, the board expects appropriate dress, conduct, and respect to maintain an atmosphere that enhances student educational processes.
  2. Community members serving as school volunteer coordinators are provided access to district email accounts and shall not use the information for profit, personal, or professional gain and shall not share the information without prior consent of the superintendent [or designee]. The purpose of this access is to provide continuity for the volunteer program as volunteers assume and/or leave the position of school volunteer coordinator.
  3. Information about students and staff that is obtained while visiting district schools or through volunteer responsibilities shall remain confidential.

To become an active volunteer for the Linn-Mar Community School District the following items must be completed prior to volunteering:

  1. Submit a volunteer application and volunteer disclosure statement
  2. Background screening performed by the Community Relations office
  3. Photo taken by the Community Relations office
  4. In-person meeting with the Community Relations Coordinator
  5. Once approved, submit a volunteer disclosure statement on an annual basis

Adopted: 10/08
Reviewed: 3/13; 6/15
Revised: 4/14; 7/19

1003.5 - Visitors to the Schools




The board welcomes the interest of parents and other members of the community and invites them to visit the school buildings and sites. Visitors, which includes persons other than employees or students, must check in at the school office upon arrival. Visitors will be issued a visitor’s badge that must be visible at all times.

Persons who wish to visit a classroom while school is in session shall request approval from the principal prior to the visit so appropriate arrangements can be made and so classroom disruption can be minimized. Teachers and other employees shall not take time from their duties to discuss matters with visitors. However, should a visitor wish to discuss a topic with teachers or other employees, appointments, phone calls, or emails may be used to answer questions.

Visitors shall conduct themselves in a manner fitting to their age level and maturity and with mutual respect and consideration for the rights of others while attending school events. Visitors are required to follow board policies and administrative rules and regulations while in buildings and on the school campus. Visitors failing to conduct themselves accordingly may be asked to leave the premises. 

Supervision of Visitors

It shall be the responsibility of employees to report inappropriate conduct. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] and principals to take the action necessary to cease inappropriate conduct. If the superintendent or principals are not available, a district employee shall act to cease the inappropriate conduct. If the visitor continues the inappropriate conduct, the school employee has the authority to request aid from local law enforcement.

Adopted: 11/73
Reviewed: 11/10; 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 3/13
Related Policy (Code #): 1005.3
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 279.8; 716.7 (2013)