1004 - Use of School Facilities




1004.1 - Community Use of School District Facilities/Sites/Equipment




The Linn-Mar Community School District facilities are owned, maintained, and supported by the public. The Board of Education actively seeks to respond to the educational, recreational, and cultural needs of its community through the total resources of the community schools. The use of school facilities as centers for community participation should be encouraged whenever those activities are beneficial to the community at large. However, all school facilities have been primarily erected and maintained for the use of the students of the Linn-Mar Community School District and shall not be used for any other purpose that will conflict with that use.

The facilities of the school district may be made available for use by certain local, social, civic, or service organizations when the use does not conflict with the education program or school-related activities, with due consideration given to the conservation of energy and district expenses. Users of district facilities must comply with all federal, state, and municipal equal opportunity laws, regulations prohibiting discrimination, and school board policies. The board reserves the right to deny use of district facilities to any group. The use of school facilities for religious services is intended only as a temporary rental service. Approval for building use shall be for one year in length maximum, with annual application. Only indoor sports will be provided indoor facility space for practices. Facilities may not be used for private parties, social events, celebrations, or similar exclusive use. Activities in the school facilities shall be supervised by an employee of the district or an adult group representative unless prior arrangements are made with the superintendent [or designee]. Activities may begin as early as 6:00 AM and must end no later than 10:00 PM. It shall be within the discretion of the superintendent to allow use of district facilities on Sundays.

Organizations, individuals, and other entities who wish to use school district facilities must apply through the district website. It shall be the responsibility of the chief financial/operating officer [or designee] to determine whether the school district facility requested is available and whether the request for use meets board policy and administrative regulations. It shall be the responsibility of the chief financial/operating officer [or designee] to approve request forms, obtain proof of insurance, and prepare the contract for use of school district property.

The Linn-Mar Booster Club will have the first right of concessions at any non-school sponsored event open to the public.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to develop a fee schedule for the board’s approval and to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

Adopted: 4/71
Reviewed: 1/11; 4/14; 6/15
Revised: 1/11; 3/13; 7/19
Related Policy (Code#): 1004.1-R1; 1004.1-R2; 1004.4
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 276; 278.1(4); 279.8; 297.9-11; 123.46 (2013)

1004.1-R1 - Community Use of School Facilities Manual

1004.1-R2 - Administrative Regulations Regarding Insurance for Employee-Sponsored Activities




When employees wish to sponsor classes, camps, clinics, leagues, or other activities that involve Linn-Mar students or patrons as a majority of the participants, that are complementary to the district's curricular offerings, co/extra-curricular offerings, or philosophy, and are requesting to use Linn-Mar facilities or equipment without rental costs the following process shall be followed:

  1. The sponsors are to submit a completed facilities request form and obtain approval from the office of the chief financial/operating officer at least two weeks preceding solicitation of participant registration for the event.
  2. If the event is a fundraiser all administrative regulations of board Policy 1005.4, Fundraising/Student Solicitations, must be followed.
  3. A preliminary report must be filed by the sponsors with and approved by, the chief financial/operating officer at least two weeks preceding issuance of registration forms for the event. The report shall include: 1) a statement of the purpose of the event, 2) an outline of activities planned, 3) a list of Linn-Mar facilities/equipment to be used, 4) anticipated enrollment, 5) participant fees to be charged, 6) anticipated other income and donations, 7) expected expenses, and 8) a list of staff to be employed and their compensation. The chief financial/operating officer may require adjustments in the report prior to approval.
  4. When items #1 and #2 (refer above) are completed, the chief financial/operating officer will notify the local representative of the district's insurance carrier that the district has sanctioned the activity and request that the sponsors and participants be included under the protection of the district's insurance coverage.
  5. If participants are charged a fee by the sponsors, $1.00/participant may be charged to the sponsors by the district to partially offset district expenses. There will be no fee charged by the district if no fee is charged to participants. Payment is due with the filing of the final report.
  6. An accurate final report showing all pertinent information will be filed with the chief financial/operating officer within two weeks of the completion of the event. Failure to file a report within this timeline may result in loss of rent-free access to Linn-Mar facilities/equipment for future events. The report will include a list of participants, a list of employees, total fee income, donation income (cash/goods/services), a list of expenses, a list of compensation, and any other information requested.

Adopted: 4/91
Reviewed: 3/13; 6/15
Revised: 1/11; 4/14; 7/19
Related Policy (Code#): 1004.1; 1004.1-R1; 1004.4

1004.3 - Tobacco/Nicotine-Free Environment




District facilities and grounds, including school vehicles, are off limits for tobacco or nicotine use including the use of look-a-likes where the original would include tobacco or nicotine. This requirement extends to students, employees, and visitors.

This policy applies at all times including school sponsored and non-school sponsored events. Persons failing to abide by this request are required to extinguish their smoking materials, dispose of the tobacco, nicotine, or other product or leave the district premises immediately.

It is the responsibility of the administration to enforce this policy.

Adopted: 4/14
Reviewed: 6/15; 7/19
Related Policy (Code #): 403.4; 403.5; 502.3
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): Goals 2000: Education America Act Pub L No 103-227,
108 Stat 125 (1994); House File 2212, Iowa General Assembly (2008); §§ 142D; 279.8-9; 297 (2013)

1004.4 - Use of School Facilities for Private Profit




Under circumstances deemed appropriate and acceptable by the Board of Education, certain school facilities may be rented and used for private profit. Guiding principles for judging acceptability will be good taste, community welfare, availability of facilities, etc.

School functions will receive priority when scheduling events.

The administrative regulations included in Policy 1004.1, 1004.1-R1, and 1004.1-R2 will apply to the use of school facilities.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/13; 4/14; 6/15
Revised: 3/00; 7/19
Related Policy (Code#): 1004.1; 1004.1-R1; 1004-1.R2; 1004.3, .5-7

1004.5 - Gratuities for Use of School Facilities




No gratuities shall be paid to school personnel by organizations using the facilities.

The cost of service personnel furnished by the school will be assessed to the party or parties engaging the use of the facilities. Such costs will be in line with the school’s normal operating costs and will be administered in keeping with the general policies governing the use of school facilities.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/13; 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Related Policy (Code#): 1004.1; 1004.1-R1; 1004.1-R2

1004.6 - Loan of School Equipment




District equipment shall not be loaned outside of the district’s facilities for non-district purposes, including any use for private purposes and personal gain. Exceptions based on special circumstances (e.g. partnerships, formal/informal agreements that serve the district, etc.) may be granted by the superintendent [or designee]. Where a cost is involved, the organization using the equipment shall pay rent and any replacement costs for school property.

In the event that educational equipment is used by organizations within the schools, appropriate school personnel shall operate or supervise the use of such educational equipment. Where a cost is involved, the organization using the equipment shall pay rent and any replacement costs for school property.

Only properly trained and authorized employees may use maintenance equipment, vehicles, tools, and the like as this equipment relates to job assignments and responsibilities.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/13; 6/15
Revised: 4/14; 7/19
Related Policy (Code#): 1004.1; 1004.1-R1; 1004.1-R2; 1004.3-7 

1004.7 - Shared Use of School Equipment




To encourage efficient use of tax payer dollars, the Board of Education supports the shared use of specialized school equipment between the Linn-Mar Community School District and other school districts, municipalities, and other government entities on a seasonal or occasional basis.

Details of such sharing arrangements will be described in 28E agreements between the involved entities and will be reviewed annually.

Adopted: 6/05
Reviewed: 3/13; 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 10/08
Related Policy (Code#): 1004.6