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204.2 - Special Meetings of the School Board




It may be necessary for the board to conduct a special meeting in addition to the regularly scheduled board meeting. Special meetings may be requested by the president of the board, the superintendent, or by the board secretary at the request of a majority of the board. Should a special meeting be called, public notice will be given.

If the special meeting called is an emergency meeting and the board cannot give public notice in its usual manner, the board will give public notice of the meeting as soon as practical and possible in light of the situation. The reason for the emergency meeting and why notice in its usual manner could not be given will be stated in the minutes.

Only the purpose or issue for which the special meeting was called may be discussed and decided in the special meeting. The board will strictly adhere to the agenda for the special meeting and action on other issues will be reserved for the next regular or special board meeting.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 10/11; 8/14; 9/16; 10/19
Revised: 4/13
Legal Reference (Codes of Iowa): §§ 21.3-4; 279.2 (2013); 1980 Op Atty Gen 148
IASB Reference: 210.3