206 - Board Development and Evaluation

206.1 - Board Member Development and Training

The school board may participate in conferences sponsored by educational associations and agencies in addition to its own in-service programs and work sessions.

The school board will work closely with professional organizations supporting board development and board members will be encouraged to participate in conferences and share their learning with colleagues.

Adopted: 7/05
Reviewed: 4/13; 8/14; 9/16; 10/19; 10/22
Revised: 10/10
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 279.8, .38
IASB Reference: 216.2

206.2 - School Board Self-Evaluation

It is the policy of the Linn-Mar Community School District Board of Directors to conduct a periodic self-evaluation of board operations.

The results of the self-evaluation will be used in planning growth activities.

Adopted: 4/89
Reviewed: 4/13; 8/14; 9/16; 10/19; 10/22
Revised: 12/95