403.20 - Jury Duty/Witness Service

All employees called to serve on a jury or to testify as a voluntary witness at the request of the district (by subpoena or otherwise) will be paid for the days or hours which the court requires attendance. If employees are subpoenaed to appear in court as witnesses but not at the request of the district, they will be excused from work in order to comply with the subpoena but will not be paid for time off unless the employee requests to use their available paid personal or vacation leave.

Employees must present any summons to their supervisor on the first working day after receiving the notice. If an employee is not required to serve on a day they are normally scheduled to work or if the employee is excused before serving three hours of jury duty they are expected to report to work.

Employees will receive their regular salary as compensation for jury duty. Any payment for jury duty from the court will be paid to the district. Compensation for witness service will be paid only if the employee is summoned for witness service by the district.

Copies of vouchers received from the court showing compensation (excluding mileage) and dates served should be submitted to the LMCSD Business Office (2999 N 10th St, Marion, IA 52302).

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/11; 12/11; 4/13; 9/14; 6/20; 4/23
Revised: 2/09; 8/17
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): Chapters 607.2-3