403.34 - Employee Termination Voluntary/Involuntary

The Linn-Mar Community School District will ensure that employee terminations are handled in a professional manner with minimal disruption to ongoing work function. There are three types of terminations: voluntary, involuntary, and death.

Voluntary Termination: Voluntary termination of employment occurs when an employee informs their supervisor of their resignation or termination or is deemed to have occurred when an employee is absent from work for two consecutive workdays and fails to contact their immediate supervisor (job abandonment).

Employees are expected to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice of their intention to separate from the district in order to allow a reasonable amount of time to transfer on-going workloads. It is expected that written notification will be provided to the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Human Resources, in conjunction with the immediate supervisor, will coordinate the employee’s out-processing. This process includes:

  • Returning all company property (keys, ID cards, parking passes, district equipment, etc.);
  • Review of benefits status; and
  • Completion of an exit interview questionnaire.

Licensed employees are required to follow board Policy 401.7 Licensed Personnel Resignation.

Involuntary Termination: An involuntary termination of employment, to include reductions in force, is a district-initiated dismissal.

Discharge may be for any reason (misconduct, tardiness, absenteeism, unsatisfactory performance, etc.). In some cases, progressive discipline may be used prior to termination to correct a performance problem. However, certain types of employee misconduct are so severe that one incident of misconduct will result in immediate dismissal without prior use of progressive discipline.

Involuntary termination of a licensed employee will follow the process stipulated in the master agreement if applicable.

Death: A termination due to the death of an employee will be made effective as of the date of death.

Final Pay: An employee who resigns or is discharged will be paid as defined by district employee addendums. Final pay due upon the death of an employee will be paid to the deceased employee’s estate. Employees are not paid for unused sick leave days upon termination of employment.

Adopted: 2/09
Reviewed: 1/11; 12/11; 4/13; 6/20
Revised: 9/14; 11/16; 8/17; 4/23