602.8-R - Regulations Regarding the Time Release Program

Juniors and seniors who have parent/guardian or legal custodian approval may apply for the privilege of enjoying a restricted open campus. This privilege allows the students to be in school for their scheduled classes only. This privilege is designated on student ID cards. Juniors and seniors in good standing with attendance and discipline regulations and who have no failing grades or incomplete grades may be eligible for time release with parent/guardian or legal custodian approval if under the age of 18.


  1. Encourage students to make responsible decisions on budgeting their time while in school; and
  2. Allow students to gain practical work experience while in school.


  1. If a student’s ID card is lost, they must apply for a new card at the high school attendance office. There will be a waiting period of one week before a new card is issued and a $5 fee;
  2. Time release will be given only with parent/guardian or legal custodian approval;
  3. Time release will be in effect as long as the student follows the policy and guidelines;
  4. The educational welfare of the student will, at all times, be given primary consideration; and
  5. While on time release, the student is representing the Linn-Mar Community School District. Please remember this factor for the welfare of the school and the program, as well as for the student involved.


  1. Time release privileges may be changed or made void at any time by either the school and/or parent/guardian or legal custodian;
  2. Students cannot drop a course or courses to extend their time release privileges. If a student should drop or be withdrawn from a course, the school may assign the student to supervised study hall during that time;
  3. A student must present their ID card when requested and must carry it at all times. Failure to do so may result in loss of time release privileges;
  4. Students should NOT drive another student’s car from the parking lot without the approval of the owner;
  5. Taking non-release time students from the campus or parking off campus may result in the loss of time release privileges; and
  6. Students parking improperly, leaving school on non-release time, or altering their ID card may lose their time release privileges.

By signing this agreement, the parent/guardian or legal custodian releases and absolves the Linn-Mar Community School District from all responsibility [financial, legal, moral, or other responsibility] during the time the student is away from school on time release.

This agreement can be changed or made void at any time at the discretion of the school and/or parent/guardian or legal custodian for failing marks, school rule violations, or irresponsible behavior on the part of the student. Irresponsibility is considered, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Failure to present student ID card when requested;
  2. Continual, improper parking;
  3. Leaving school on non-release time;
  4. Continual forgetting of student ID card;
  5. Driving another student’s car from the parking lot without owner approval;
  6. Not being out of the building during time release;
  7. Misbehavior while at school; and
  8. Any violations of school rules and regulations.

Altering a student ID card will result in immediate revocation of time release privileges!

Students wishing to apply for time release should do so through the high school associate principal’s office. The agreement is valid when signed by the associate principal, student, and parent/guardian or legal custodian.

Adopted: 4/91
Reviewed: 6/11; 9/13; 4/15; 2/21; 2/24
Revised: 7/12; 1/18
Related Policy: 602.08