602.20 - Global Education

Because of our growing interdependence with other nations in the world, global education is incorporated into the education program for grades PreK-12.

Global education is the life-long growth in understanding through study and participation of the world community and the interdependency of its people and systems (social, cultural, racial, economic, linguistic, technological, and ecological).

Global education will provide students with the opportunity to acquire a perspective on world issues, problems, and prospects for an awareness of the relationship between an individual’s self-interest and the concerns of people elsewhere in the world.

Adopted: 8/89
Reviewed: 6/11; 6/12; 10/13; 4/15; 1/18; 2/21; 2/24
Revised: 7/03
Related Policy: 602.10-13
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 256.11; 281 IAC 12.5(11)
IASB Reference: 603.10