902.3 - Energy Conservation

The district believes that every effort should be made to conserve energy and natural resources. The board believes in this commitment to be beneficial to our students and taxpayers in prudent financial management and the saving of energy. The fulfillment of this policy is the joint responsibility of the Board of Directors, administrators, teachers, students, and support personnel. Cooperation shall be demonstrated on all levels for the success of this policy.

As part of any new construction project or renovation, or upon the purchase or upgrade of energy consuming equipment, the projected energy consumption of the project or equipment and potential costs and benefits derived from additional energy efficiency will be considered and implemented, if financially feasible.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to develop energy conservation guidelines for employees and students. Employees and students will abide by these guidelines.

Adopted: 7/05
Reviewed: 11/10; 11/12; 1/14; 2/19
Revised: 5/15; 4/22
Related Policy: 700
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): ยงยง 279.44; 473.19-20
IASB Reference: 802.07