902.6 - Disposition of Obsolete Equipment

School property such as equipment, furnishings, or supplies (hereinafter referred to as equipment) will be disposed of when it is determined to be of no further use to the district. It is the objective of the district in disposing of the equipment to achieve the best available price or most economical disposal.

Obsolete equipment or property, other than real property having a value of no more than $25,000, may be sold or disposed of in a manner determined by the superintendent [or designee] which may include sealed bids, donation to a non-profit group, auction, garage sale, or via electronic means. However, the sale or disposition of equipment, furnishings, or supplies disposed of in this manner will be published in a newspaper of general circulation.

A public hearing will be held regarding the disposal of the equipment with a value of $25,000 or more prior to the board’s final decision. The board will adopt a resolution announcing the proposed sale or disposition and will publish notice of the time and place of the public hearing and the description of the property will be in the resolution. Notice of the public hearing will be published at least once not less than 10 days but not more than 20 days prior to the hearing date unless, otherwise required by law. Upon completion of the public hearing, the board may authorize disposition of the equipment.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent in collaboration with the chief financial/operating officer to make a recommendation to the board regarding the method for disposing of equipment of no further use to the school district.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 1/14; 4/16; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 11/12; 5/15; 9/21
Related Policy: 704; 705.1; 803
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 24,9; 297.22, .25
IASB Reference: 803.01