902.8 - Facilities and Sites Adaptation for Persons with Disabilities

The board recognizes the need for access to its facilities and sites by persons with disabilities.

School district facilities and sites currently in use will be modified to be accessible to persons with disabilities unless the alteration would cause an undue hardship for the school district. Renovated and new facilities and sites will be accessible to persons with disabilities.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to take the necessary action to ensure school district facilities and sites are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Adopted: 6/09
Reviewed: 11/12; 1/14; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 5/15
Related Policy: 102; 603.3
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): 29 USC §§ 621-634; 42 USC §§ 12101 et seq; 104A; 216
IASB Reference: 802.05