901 - Site Acquisitions and Facilities Construction

901.2 - Site Specifications

The Board of Directors shall accept as its minimum standards such site specifications as issued by the Iowa Department of Education. The Board of Directors may adopt additional standards over and above the site specifications issued by the Iowa Department of Education as it deems necessary and beneficial to the school district.

The board may meet in closed session to discuss potential purchases of sites.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 11/12; 1/14; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 11/10; 5/15
Related Policy (Code #): 212; 705.1; 801
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 21.5(j); 297
IASB Reference: 801.4

901.3 - Facilities and Sites Long-Range Planning

As part of the board’s long-range plan for the district’s education program, the board shall include the facilities and sites needed for the education program and support services. 

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to provide information including but not limited to enrollment projections and education program requirements to the board.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 1/14; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 11/12; 5/15
Related Policy: 103
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 280.3, .12, .14; 297
IASB Reference: 801.01

901.4 - Facilities Planning Advisors

It shall be the policy of the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the superintendent to contract for the services of consultants and other resource personnel for the study of facility issues of the school district. To the extent possible, the needs for such special studies shall be determined well in advance so that budgetary provisions can be made.

In determining consulting needs such as architect or architectural firms, construction management, engineering, appropriate facilities professional, etc., an interview process may be used which may include members of the Board of Directors, the superintendent, and other personnel designated by them. The Board of Directors may participate in interviews for the selection of an appropriate facilities professional for the specific project under consideration.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 11/12; 1/14; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 5/15
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 280.3, .14; 297
IASB Reference: 801.02

901.5 - Educational Specifications for Facilities

Facilities and sites considered for purchase or construction by the board or currently owned by the school district and used for the education program must meet, or upon improvement be able to meet, the specifications set by the board. 

Prior to remodeling or other construction of buildings and sites the superintendent may appoint a committee of consultants, employees, citizens, or others to assist the board in developing the specifications for the new or improved buildings and sites. These specifications will be consistent with the education program, and they will provide the architect with the information necessary to determine what is expected from the facility.

The education specifications will include but not be limited to the financial resources available for the project, the definition and character of the facility, the functional use to be made of the facility, a description of specialized needs, and other pertinent information as the board deems necessary.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to make a recommendation to the board regarding the specifications of buildings and sites.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 1/14; 2/19
Revised: 111/12; 5/15; 4/22
Related Policy: 801
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 8A; 280.3, .14; 26; 297; 544A
IASB Reference: 801.03

901.6 - Facility Specifications

In developing and finalizing the plans and specifications for building and facility projects, the architect shall proceed with the design of the facility after review by the superintendent and the Board of Directors.

The superintendent [or designee] will provide the architect the educational specifications, financial data, and other pertinent information necessary to planning.

It shall be the responsibility of the architect to obtain approval of the final plans from the Department of Education, state fire marshal, local building authorities, superintendent [or designee], and the Board of Directors before releasing the plans for bid purposes.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 11/12; 1/14; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 5/15
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): 280.3, .12, .14; 297

901.7 - Facilities Funding

Prior to the approval of a construction contract, except emergency construction, the board will review methods for financing the project. The board will utilize, as needed, all means of financing construction and site purchases as provided by the Code of Iowa.

In determining the means of financing for these purposes, the board will consider the financial position of the school district and uses allowed for the monies of the district.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to analyze the various methods of financing for the construction of facilities and the purchase of sites and make a recommendation to the board.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 1/14; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 11/12; 5/15
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 75.1-9; 76.1-9; 278.1; 279.41;
291.13; 296; 297.5; 289.9; 298.14; 298.18-24; 300; 565.6

901.8 - Structure and Site Modifications

The Board of Directors shall approve all structures to be erected on school district facilities and/or grounds that require a building permit from a bona fide or regulatory agency. This approval must be obtained by the superintendent [or designee] prior to the structure being erected.

Structures or modifications that are proposed by employees shall follow a review process administered by the superintendent [or designee].

Because the district has a master plan for facilities, any individual or group that is not employed by the district proposing the structure, building, or grounds modification will first consult with the superintendent [or designee] to determine whether the proposed project meets the mission and strategic goals of the district. If these standards are met, then the individual or group must comply with the district’s application and review process.

The superintendent [or designee] is responsible for the development of the review process.

Adopted: 8/86
Reviewed: 11/12; 2/19; 4/22
Revised: 1/14; 5/15
Related Policy: 802.7; 901.8-R; 901.8-E; 1005.5; 1005.5-R
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): § 297.7

901.8-R - Regulations Regarding Structure and Site Modifications

The Board of Directors recognizes that the education of students depends on many factors including a physical environment that is safe, secure, clean, attractive, and functions efficiently. To that end, a facility and grounds master plan exists to maximize the available resources for the benefit of student learning. Modifications include changes or additions to facilities and grounds or structures that are not part of the master plan and shall follow a review process, whether proposed by employees or external individuals or groups.

Requests for modifications for all district property will at all times, except in cases of emergency, follow these administrative procedures. Based on the estimated cost of the proposed modification, either a competitive quote or competitive bid will be required for all projects.

A proposal for a modification or structure shall include the following:

  1. External individuals or groups must first meet with the superintendent [or designee] to determine whether the proposed project meets the mission and strategic goals of the district. If a determination is made that the external proposal complies with the mission and strategic goals of the district, the individual or group may complete the Structure and Site Modifications Application (Refer to Policy 901.8-E).
  2. Submission of the Structure and Site Modifications Application for the requested modification project should be submitted prior to January 1st. The project description shall include:
    1. Explanation of project fit within the district’s mission and strategic goals;
    2. Benefits to students, including number of students and whether during school or outside the school day/year;
    3. Need for the project;
    4. Project budget inclusive of materials and labor;
    5. Project funding source;
    6. Description of district’s technical, O&M, school, etc., support required for successful completion of the project;
    7. Project labor, for example an external contractor, volunteers, students;
    8. Project timeline including start and completion date;
    9. Long-term maintenance or administrative requirements, costs, and responsible persons;
    10. Unique components of the project, if any.
  3. Review of the completed application will be conducted by the district’s Construction Committee and the superintendent’s Cabinet.
  4. Applicant will be notified within 60 days of receipt of the application, or in February if received prior to the last day of school in December.
  5. The Board of Directors will receive report summaries of approved projects and will formally approve all donations per Policies 802.7 and 1005.5.
  6. District equipment and facilities are not available for use by project workers because of liability issues.

Adopted: 1/14
Reviewed: 5/15; 2/19
Revised: 4/22
Related Policy: 802.7; 901.8; 901.8-E; 1005.5; 1005.5-R

901.8-E - Structure and Site Modifications Application


Schools or employees, PTOs, the Linn-Mar Booster Club, other non-profit organizations, or individuals who are making a proposal for a building or site modification or a structure on Linn-Mar Community School District property shall submit this application to the office of the Chief Financial/Operating Officer for review at least 60 days prior to the start of the proposed project. Submission prior to the last school day in December is optimum for the review process.

The following components of the application must be complete with appropriate detail before the district review of the application. Please attach the appropriate documentation with the project application and affix this page to the project application.

  1. Person/group submitting proposal
  2. Name of school/facility or organization
  3. Project title
  4. Description of alignment with district mission and strategic goals
  5. Benefit to students
  6. Need for the project
  7. Project location
  8. Total project budget with detail that includes materials and labor
  9. Building permit, if required (municipality of project location)
  10. Project funding source
  11. Description of district support (technical, O&M, school, etc.) required for successful completion
  12. Projected district costs
  13. Project labor (e.g., contractor, volunteers, students, etc.)
  14. Project timeline
  15. Long-term maintenance or administrative requirements including costs and responsible persons
  16. Unique project components if any
  17. Documentation of insurance coverage for project
  18. Attach all construction plans, drawings, and materials to application


Project/Manager Approval: ________________________________________________ Date: _____________

Construction Committee Review Date: ______________________________ Cabinet Review: ________________


Chief Financial/Operating Officer Approval: ____________________________________ Date: ______________

Board Summary Report Date: _________________________

Board Acceptance of Donation: ________________________

Adopted: 1/14
Reviewed: 5/15; 2/19; 4/22
Related Policy: 802.7; 901.8; 901.8-R; 1005.5; 1005.5-R