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Goals & Values

Every two years the board conducts a
self-assessment and sets goals for board work that align with and support the district's strategic plan. The most recent assessment and goal setting workshops were held in January and February 2022, with goals and value statements adopted in March 2022.

Goals of the LMCSD Board of Directors

The LMCSD Board of Directors follows the Standards for Effective School Boards as set forth by the Iowa Association of School Boards.

After a self-assessment process, and through board development workshops, the board identified three of the six IASB standards that will be utilized to guide their work and set priorities for the district.

1. Standard #1: Visionary Team

  1. Identify and publish values and overarching vision through the district's strategic plan. (Competencies 1.1-1)
  2. Engage in professional development through IASB standards workshops, or other appropriate professional development, to enhance the work of the board. (Competencies 1.2-14)
  3. Engage in deliberative dialogue to ensure all perspectives are considered in decision-making. (Competencies 1.3-17)
  4. Continue implementation of the IASB evaluation tools at all levels across the district. (Competencies 1.2-13)

2. Standard #2: Student Learning

  1. Engage in learning regarding the role of the board in curriculum adoption. (Competencies 2.5-19)
  2. Engage in learning and district leadership discussions surrounding academic targets for student learning goals and strategies. (Competencies 21.-3-4)
  3. Review the district's current and potential support structures, analyzing needs and effectiveness. (Competencies 2.2-9)
  4. Outline budget goals and determine priorities for spending on support structures and programming to meet student needs. (Competencies 2.2-10)
  5. Outline and develop communication strategies to further engage stakeholders. (Competencies 2.4-16-18)​

3. Standard #3: District Culture

  1. Prioritize updates from Human Resources regarding recruitment and retainment of staff. (Competencies 3.1-2)
  2. Outline expectations and goals regarding staff professional development and planning time to ensure a balance and alignment with district goals. (Competencies 3.2-5; 3.3-10, 12-13)
  3. Engage in learning regarding allocation of resources and ensure available resources provide safe and supportive learning environments. (Competencies 3.4-14-15)
  4. Survey community resources available for district partnerships that support district goals. (Competencies 3.4-15)

Core Values of the LMCSD Board of Directors

As part of the self-assessment and goal setting process, the board identified five core values that inhabit the work of the board and guide priorities for the district.

  1. Vision: The ability to think beyond today and build focus around the future of the district and the well-being of the students, staff, and community.
  2. Purpose: Decision-making that pursues meaningful outcomes that Inspire Learning, Unlock Potential, and Empower Achievement.
  3. Respect: Commitment to the board's Code of Ethics in all aspects of board work, whether at the board table or as members of the community. 
  4. Transparency: Respect and commitment to the sharing of diverse opinions and openness to new ideas.
  5. Equity: Respect and value the diversity of all stakeholders, creating an environment that is inclusive and equitable for all.