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Current Agenda & Exhibits

The board will host their next meeting on Monday, November 23rd at 5:00 PM in the boardroom of the Learning Resource Center (2999 N 10th St, Marion) and by live stream viewing via Zoom and/or YouTube. 

Audience Communications: To aid in social distancing guidelines and due to limited space at the LRC, ALL audience communications should be submitted electronically by noon the day of the board meeting. In-person audience communications are discontinued until further notice. 

Please email audience communications to:

Please remember that audience communications are only received during regular board meetings and board members do not respond or act on them during the meeting. Audience communications will be taken under consideration and a response, if appropriate, may be issued at another time.

Click here for additional information/procedures on audience participation during regular board meetings.

Audience Attendance Options:

ZOOM/YouTube Live Stream: To aid in social distancing guidelines and limited seating space at the LRC, the meetings will be available for online live stream viewing via ZOOM and/or YouTube. 

Visit the following link to view the Nov 23rd meeting via YouTube:

In-Person Attendance: If you wish to attend in person, please park at the north end of the LRC and enter through the door under the metal awning. 

Please note that due to social distancing guidelines for meetings audience seating is limited, but we will do our best to accommodate as many people as we can that choose to attend in person. Social distancing of six feet and face masks are required.

Just a note that we had technical difficulties with our live stream viewing recently due to a connection issue. Our Tech Department has researched the issue and believe it has been fixed. IF there are issues again, please note we will do our best  to reconnect, but sometimes the issue is not related to the district network but other technical issues. Your patience is appreciated.  Tech Tip: Try a different browser if the one you are using is not connecting properly.