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Board Meetings




Regular meetings of the Linn-Mar Board of Directors are scheduled on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 5:00 PM in the boardroom of the Learning Resource Center (2999 N 10th Street, Marion, IA) unless posted otherwise. Special meetings are also called when necessary. All meeting notices are announced to local media and posted on the district website. The LMCSD Board of Directors serves the public and all meetings are open to the community.

State law permits the board to go into closed session only to discuss student discipline, personnel matters, property acquisition, consult with attorneys, etc. These sessions must be posted, and all action taken must conform with the requirements of the Iowa Open Meetings Law.

Board meeting agendas are posted on the district’s website at least 24 hours before a scheduled meeting. Special provisions apply in case of an emergency meeting.

Public Participation in Board Meetings:

The board encourages, appreciates, and welcomes community attendance and participation in its public meetings. Community members wishing to address the board may be given the opportunity to do so during scheduled “Audience Communications” and/or “Public Hearings” as outlined in the meeting agenda. If business needs of the district or other circumstances dictate, the board president may decide to limit and/or not set time aside for audience communication during specific meetings. Advanced notice will be given if audience communications will not be part of a set agenda.

The procedures for addressing the board are as follows:

  • Sign in prior to the start of the board meeting at the table just inside the boardroom doors. The sign-in sheet requests full name, relationship to the district, and topic of communication. 

  • Limit comments to three minutes or less. The presiding officer will alert you to your end of time at the three minute mark.

  • When your name is called by the presiding officer, approach the podium and clearly state your name and relationship to the district for the record.

  • Speakers may not yield time to other individuals.

  • Information shared will be considered during any relevant future decision-making process involving the subject matter of the presentation.

  • Confidential student or staff information will not be shared in a public meeting. 

  • In accordance with the open meetings law, there will be no dialogue between school board members and the public at board meetings except to clarify the nature of questions or comments when necessary.

  • Community members are welcome to submit their written comments to the school board at (Click here to email board). The appropriate district representative, most likely the superintendent or board president, will respond.

The presiding officer is responsible for the orderly conduct of board meetings, including termination of presentations that are inappropriate, discourteous, or too lengthy. If there are several speakers on the same topic, the presiding officer may limit the number of speakers, the length of time devoted to the topic, and/or the length of time per speaker. The presiding officer has the authority to declare a recess at any time.

It is important for members of the community to remember that while board meetings are held in the public, they are not public meetings. The board has a significant interest in maintaining the decorum of its meetings and it is expected that all persons will be treated with respect and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Individuals attending board meetings and/or speaking during audience communications are requested to practice good conduct. Attendees should:

  • Refrain from making personal verbal attacks on members of the board or other citizens, as well as using vulgar language during remarks.

  • Refrain from outbursts as a matter of respect for all in attendance. There is zero tolerance for profanity, vulgarity, demeaning language, or threats of any kind.

  • If disruptive, the individual making the comments or other individuals causing disruption may be asked to leave the meeting. Visitors conducting themselves in a disorderly manner may be barred from further participation in the meeting and removed from the premise by a peace officer. 

  • Any defamatory comments made during audience communications are the sole responsibility of the individual making those comments and could subject the individual to legal action.

Media Relations
Members of the news media are encouraged and welcome to attend open board meetings. The board president is the spokesperson for the board and the superintendent is the spokesperson for the district. While it is the responsibility of the board president and the superintendent to respond to inquiries from the media about the district, all media inquiries must originate with the Communications/Media Coordinator. For more information see Policy 1001.2 News and Media Relations.

Click here for additional information on Communications/Media Relations and Public Records Requests

Communications/Media Coordinator
Kevin Fry: 319-730-3530 /