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1000 Series: School and Community Relations




Public Communications

Reviewed 6/15 1001.1 Board and Community Relations
Reviewed 6/15 1001.2 News and Media Relations
New 6/16 1001.3 Unmanned Aircrafts/Drones
New 6/16 1001.3-E Hold Harmless Agreement Regarding Use of Unmanned Aircrafts/Drones
Revised 6/15 1001.4 Distribution of Materials
Reviewed 6/15 1001.4-R Administrative Regulations Regarding Distribution of Materials
Reviewed 6/15 1001.8 Public Examination of District Records

Citizen Advisory Committees

Reviewed 6/15 1002.2 School District-Community Groups

Relations Between School Personnel and the Public

Reviewed 6/15 1003.3 Complaints About School Personnel
Reviewed 6/15 1003.4 School District Volunteers
Reviewed 6/15 1003.4-R Administrative Regulations Regarding School District Volunteers
Reviewed 6/15 1003.5 Visitors to the Schools

Use of School Facilities
Click here to access the LMCSD Facilities Use Manual

Reviewed 6/15 1004.1 Community Use of School District Buildings, Sites and Equipment
Revised 6/15 1004.1-R1 Administrative Regulations Regarding Community Use of Buildings, Sites and Equipment
Reviewed 6/15 1004.1-R2 Administrative Regulations Schedule of Rentals
Reviewed 6/15 1004.1-R3 Administrative Regulations Regarding Insurance for Employee-Sponsored Activities
Revised 6/15 1004.1-E2 Schedule of Building Rental Fees
Reviewed 6/15 1004.1-E3 Application for Permit
Reviewed 6/15 1004.2 Stadium Use
Revised 6/15 1004.2-E1 Schedule of Stadium Rental Fees
Revised 6/15 1004.2-E2 Stadium Use Application
Reviewed 6/15 1004.2-E3 Participant Release Form
Reviewed 6/15 1004.3 Tobacco/Nicotine-Free Environment
Reviewed 6/15 1004.4 Use of School Facilities for Private Profit
Reviewed 6/15 1004.4-R Administrative Regulations Regarding Community Use of School ICN Facilities and Equipment
Reviewed 6/15 1004.5 Gratuities for Use of School Facilities
Reviewed 6/15 1004.6 Loan of School Equipment
Reviewed 6/15 1004.7 Shared Use of School Equipment
New 4/16 1004.8 Aquatic Center Use
New 4/16 1004.8-E1 Schedule of Aquatic Center Rental Fees
New 4/16 1004.8-E2 Aquatic Center Use Application

Community Activities Involving Students

Reviewed 6/15 1005.1 Research Requests and Procedures
Reviewed 6/15 1005.3 Public Conduct on School Premises
Reviewed 6/15 1005.4 Fundraising/Student Solicitations
Revised 6/16 1005.4-R Administrative Regulations Regarding Fundraising/Student Solicitations
Revised 6/16 1005.4-E1 Fundraising Project Request Form
Revised 6/16 1005.4-E2 Fundraising Project Summary
Reviewed 6/15 1005.5 Revenue Enhancement, Gifts to Schools and Facility Naming Rights
Reviewed 6/15 1005.5-R Administrative Regulations Regarding Revenue Enhancement, Gifts to Schools and Facility Naming Rights
Revised 4/16 1005.6 Transporting Students in Private Vehicles
Reviewed 6/15 1005.6-E Fieldtrip Permission Form