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605.31 - Early Graduation

Students who expect to meet the total hourly graduation requirements as specified in Policy 605.3 Graduation Requirements, may apply for early graduation.

The superintendent [or designee] will develop and communicate the early graduation procedures to be followed.

Recommendations for early graduation will be submitted to the school board for final approval.

Final approval of early graduation is contingent upon fulfilling the requirements for graduation prescribed by Policy 605.3 Graduation Requirements.

Students who graduate early may participate in the regular commencement exercises if they meet the requirements of Policy 605.32 Participation in Graduation Ceremonies.

Adopted: 12/71
Reviewed: 1/10; 6/11; 9/12; 10/13; 2/15; 4/18; 6/21
Revised: 12/07
Related Policy: 605.3; 605.31-R; 605.31-E1-E2; 605.32
Code of Iowa: 279.8; 280.3; 281 IAC 12.3(5); 12.5
IASB Reference: 505.06
Mandatory Policy