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803.1 - Purchasing/Bidding: Goods and Services

The board supports economic development in Iowa. Purchases should take into account Iowa goods and services from locally-owned businesses located within the Corridor or from an Iowa based company which offers these goods or services if the cost and other considerations meet the required specifications. However, when spending federal Child Nutrition Funds, geographical preference is allowed only for unprocessed agricultural food items as part of response evaluation.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to approve purchases, except those authorized by or requiring direct board action. The superintendent [or designee] may coordinate and combine purchases with other governmental bodies to take advantage of volume price breaks. Joint purchases with other political subdivisions will be considered in the purchase of equipment, accessories, or attachments with an estimated cost of $50,000 or more.

The superintendent [or designee] will have the authority to authorize purchases without competitive bids for goods and services costing under $25,000 without prior board approval. For goods and services costing more than $25,000 and less than $50,000, the superintendent [or designee] will receive quotes of the goods and services to be purchased prior to board approval. Major item purchases costing at least $50,000, including school buses, will require competitive sealed bids or proposals, except for emergency purchases and those professional services annually appointed/approved by the board for continual and ongoing services (i.e. legal and audit) or board-selected professional services such as those exempted by law from the requirements of competitive bids or quotations (i.e. architect or engineering design services). The purchase will be made from the lowest responsible bidder based upon total cost considerations including but not limited to the cost of the goods and services being purchased, availability of service and/or repair, delivery date, the targeted small business procurement goal, and other factors deemed relevant by the board. In the event that only one quotation or bid is submitted, the board may proceed if the quotation or bid meets the contract award specifications. The board may elect to exempt certain professional service contracts from the thresholds and procedures outlined above. The thresholds and procedures related to purchases of goods and services do not apply to public improvement projects.

The board and superintendent [or designee] will have the right to reject any or all bids, or any part thereof and to re-advertise. If it is determined that a targeted small business which bid on the project may be unable to perform the contract, the superintendent [or designee] will notify the Department of Economic Development. The board will enter into such contracts as they deem are in the best interest of the school district.

The district will comply with all federal and state laws and regulations required for procurement, including the selection and evaluation of contractors. The superintendent [or designee] is responsible for developing the administrative process to implement this policy including but not limited to procedures related to suspension and debarment for transactions subject to those requirements.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 7/10; 4/16; 12/18
Revised: 10/12; 12/13; 5/15; 11/18; 1/22
Related Policy (Code #): 803.1-R1
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 26; 28E; 72.3; 73; 73A; 285; 297; 301; 261 IAC 54; 281 IAC 43.25
IASB Reference: 705.1