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1005.4 - Fundraising and Student Solicitations




The board forbids the use of the schools in any manner for the promotion of services or products by businesses or organizations operated for profit unless authorized by the board or the administration.

No activity shall be permitted if it demands students, teachers, or administrators to use their time to assist in promoting a campaign (financial, educational, charitable, or otherwise) unless the activity is in accord with the vision and mission of the district as reviewed by the superintendent [or designee]. 

Guidelines to be followed are:

  1. The use of students, district’s name, or district buildings and sites for advertising or promoting products and/or services of entities and organizations operating for a profit shall be disallowed. Nonprofit entities and organizations may be allowed to use students, the district’s name, or its buildings and sites if the purpose is educationally related and prior approval from the superintendent [or designee] has been obtained.
  2. Participation by students in charitable activities is considered to be a desirable part of their total education. However, as a matter of basic policy the board authorizes the administration to determine the nature and extent of such activity during school hours.
  3. All district fundraising projects will be governed by the Policy 1005.4-R, Administrative Regulations Regarding Fundraising and Student Solicitations.

Adopted: 12/96
Reviewed: 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 3/12; 3/13
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): 279.8 (2013)