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302.2 - Superintendent Contract and Contract Non-Renewal




The length of the contract for employment between the superintendent and the board is determined by the board. The contract will begin on July 1 and end on June 30. The contract will state the terms of employment.

The first two years of a contract issued to a newly employed superintendent is considered a probationary period. The board may waive this period or the probationary period may be extended for an additional year upon the consent of the superintendent. In the event of termination of a probationary or non-probationary contract, the board will afford the superintendent appropriate due process, including notice by May 15, as required by law. The superintendent and board may mutually agree to terminate the superintendent's contract at any time.

If a superintendent's contract is not being renewed by the board, the contract will be extended automatically for additional one-year periods beyond the end of its term until it is modified or terminated as mutually agreed to by the parties or until the superintendent's contract is terminated consistent with statutory termination procedures.

It is the responsibility of the board to provide the contract for the superintendent.

If the superintendent wishes to resign, to be released from contract, or to retire, the superintendent must comply with applicable law and board policies dealing with retirement, release, or resignation.

Adopted: 8/14
Reviewed: 12/16; 11/19
Related Policy (Code#): 300.1; 301.1; 302.1, .3-6; 304.1
Legal Reference: (Code of Iowa): 279; 281 IAC 12.4; Martin v Waterloo CSD, 518 NW 2d 381 (Iowa 1994);
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IASB Reference: 302.2