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502.2 - Expulsion




Only the school board may expel a student from the school environment. The removal of a student from the school environment, which includes but is not limited to classes and activities not exceeding one year plus the end of the current school term, is an expulsion from school.

Students may be expelled for violations of board policy. It is within the discretion of the school board to discipline a student by using an expulsion for a single offense or for a series of offenses depending on the nature of the offense and the circumstances surrounding the offense.

It is within the discretion of the superintendent to recommend to the board the expulsion of a student for disciplinary purposes. Only the school board may take action to expel a student. Condition of re-admission of the student will be designated by the school board at the time of the expulsion decision. When appropriate, the board will receive status updates on expelled students. The building principal [or designee] will keep records of expulsions in addition to the board’s records.

When a student is recommended for expulsion by the board the student will be provided with:

  1. Notice of the reasons for the proposed expulsion;
  2. The names of the witnesses and an oral or written report on the facts to which each witness testifies, unless the witnesses are students whose names may be released at the discretion of the superintendent;
  3. An opportunity to present a defense against the charges and provide either oral testimony or written affidavits of witnesses on the student’s behalf;
  4. The right to be represented by counsel; and
  5. The decision of the school board in writing.

In addition to these procedures, a special education student must be provided with additional procedures prior to an expulsion hearing. A determination should be made whether the student’s behavior is caused by the student’s disability or whether the conduct is the result of inappropriate placement. Discussions and conclusions of this meeting should be recorded.

If the special education student’s conduct is not caused by the disability, the student may be expelled or suspended for a long-term period following written notice to the parent(s) and pursuant to the school district’s expulsion hearing procedures. If the misconduct is caused by the student’s disability and a change in placement is recommended, the change must be made pursuant to the placement procedures used by the school district.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 5/11; 3/12; 10/14; 1/15; 9/20
Revised: 7/13; 10/17
Related Policy (Code #): 502.1-; 502.1-R; 502.2-R; 502.5; 502.5-R1-R3; 502.6; 502.8; 502.8-R; 503.1; 602.5
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 21.5; 282.3-5; 281 IAC 12.3(6)
IASB Reference: 503.2
Mandatory Policy