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505.3 - Fines, Fees, and Charges




The board believes students should respect school district property and assist in its preservation for future use by others. Students may be assessed fines, fees, or charges for the materials needed in a course, for overdue school materials, for participating in activities, or for misuse or damage of school property.

The superintendent [or designee] will inform the school board of the dollar amount to be charged to students or others for fines, fees, or charges on an annual basis and the information will be posted on the district website.

Legal custodians or students who complete the official district Free and Reduced Application and meet the specific financial eligibility standards as set by the Department of Education Bureau of Food and Nutrition or by direct certification from the Department of Human Services through Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI) will automatically be granted full or partial fee waivers depending on their qualification.  Legal custodians or students who do not participate in the district’s Free and Reduced Meal Program may qualify for full, partial, or temporary waivers by completing the Temporary Standard Fee Waiver Application.

Fines or charges assessed for damage or loss to school property are not fees and will not be waived.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] in conjunction with building principals to implement administrative regulations regarding this policy.

Adopted: 9/96
Reviewed: 4/12; 7/13; 12/20
Revised: 4/11; 10/14; 11/17
Related Policy (Code #): 505.3-R; 505.3-E; 802.3
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 256.7(20); 279.8; 280.10-11; 282.6; 285.1; 301.1; 281 IAC 18.2
IASB Reference: 503.3
Mandatory Policy