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602.25 - Space Requirements for Open Enrollment and Attendance Exception Requests




Open enrollment or other enrollment requests will be considered based upon availability of classroom space. In making its determination the board may consider several factors including but not limited to the nature of the education program, grade level, available licensed employees, instructional method, physical space, student-teacher ratios, equipment and materials, facilities either being planned or under construction, facilities planned to be closed, financial condition of the school district, a sharing agreement in force or planned, a bargaining agreement in force, laws or rules governing special education class sizes, board-adopted school district goals and objectives, and other factors considered relevant by the board.

The enrollment requests as described will be reviewed by the board annually. It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to bring this information to the attention of the board each year.

Adopted: 3/99
Reviewed: 6/12; 10/13; 4/15; 1/18; 2/21
Revised: 12/09; 6/11
Related Policy (Code #): 501.9-10; 602.2-3; 602.7; 602.23-24; 602.26
Legal Reference (Iowa Code): §282.18(13); 281 IAC 17.6(3)
IASB Reference: 606.6
Mandatory Policy