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702.5 - Vending Machines




Food served or purchased by students during the school day and food served or purchased for other than special circumstances shall be approved by the superintendent [or designee] and shall meet the criteria established by the USDA Smart Snacks guidelines. Vending machines in the school buildings shall be the responsibility of the building principal. Purchases from the vending machines, other than juice/water machines, shall not be made during meal periods and other times of the day as governed by the Policy 504.12 Wellness and the USDA Smart Snacks guidelines.

Money raised from vending machines in areas accessible by students shall be used to support student programs.

Vending machines in staff lounges can be tied to the building’s pop fund, and the money raised from the machine can be used to support staff-related social initiatives on the school district site.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] in conjunction with principals to develop administrative regulations regarding the use of vending machines and other sales of food to students.

Adopted: 4/99
Reviewed: 9/11; 11/13; 4/15; 11/18
Revised: 10/10; 10/12; 4/16
Related Policy (Code #): 504.12
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): 42 USC §§ 1751 et seq;
7 CFR Pt 210 et seq; Ch 283A; 281 IAC 58