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902.1 - Maintenance, Operations, and Management




The superintendent [or designee] in cooperation with the chief financial/operating officer, administration, staff, and maintenance personnel shall direct the development of a comprehensive maintenance schedule for the general care and maintenance of all buildings, equipment, and grounds of the school district.

Requests for improvements and/or repairs for all school district property shall at all times, except in cases of emergency, be presented to the superintendent [or designee]. Principals, using input from their staff, will make requests for improvements following the process as outlined in Policy 901.8 Structure and Site Modifications.

The superintendent and the chief financial/operating officer will establish the priority for improvements.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 11/12; 2/19
Revised: 11/10; 1/14; 5/15
Related Policy (Code #): 502.2; 502.5; 802; 804.1; 901.8-9
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): 297.8 (2013); 280.3 (2013)