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201.6 - Organization of the School Board

The Linn-Mar Community School District Board of Education is authorized by and derives its organization from Iowa law. The board will consist of seven board members. The board is organized for the purpose of setting policy and providing general direction for the school district.

The board will hold its organizational meeting at or before the first regular meeting following the canvass of votes. Notice of the meeting place and time will be given by the board secretary to each member, member-elect, and the public.

The purpose of the organizational meeting is to transfer materials and responsibility from the outgoing board to the new board. At the organizational meeting, the board will elect a president and a vice president who will hold office for one year. In even numbered years, the president and vice president are elected at the annual meeting. Once elected, the president and vice president will be entitled to vote on all matters before the board.

Vacancies in Officer Positions: If any office of the board should become vacant between organizational meetings, such office will be filled as follows:

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 10/11; 9/16; 10/19; 10/22
Revised: 4/13; 9/13; 8/14; 1/22
Related Policy: 202.4-6
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 274.2; 275.23A; 277.23, .28, .31; 279.1, .5, .7-8, .33; 281 IAC 12.3(2)
IASB Reference: 200.1; 200.1R1; 202; 206.1-2; 210