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302.4 - Superintendent Qualifications and Duties

The superintendent of schools will hold at a minimum a master’s degree plus 30 semester hours of approved graduate preparation beyond the master’s degree. The superintendent will also meet the licensure requirements as designated by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.

The Linn-Mar Community School District Board of Directors may appoint the superintendent of schools for a term not to exceed three years. However, the board’s initial contract with a superintendent shall not exceed one year if the board is obligated to pay a former superintendent under an unexpired contract.

The superintendent of schools will:

  1. In all respects be the chief executive officer of the school board, except as otherwise provided by law. The superintendent will have the power to make rules not in conflict with law or with the policies of the board and decide all matters of administrative and supervisory detail in connection with the operation and maintenance of the schools.
  2. Be directly responsible to the school board.
  3. Be expected to initiate and direct the development of policies for the approval of the board and to delegate such responsibility to whomever they may deem appropriate or qualified.
  4. Attend meetings of the board, except those concerned with their own contract status, and be granted the privilege of taking part in the deliberations; but shall not vote.
  5. In order to assist the board in reaching sound judgments, establishing policies, and approving those matters which the law requires the board to approve; be responsible for placing before the board necessary and helpful facts, comparisons, investigations, information, and reports and for making available, at the proper time, the personal advice on special or technical matters of those persons who, in their opinion or that of the board or the president, are particularly qualified to furnish it.
  6. Have the power to recommend the appointment, assignment, transfer, promotion, demotion, discharge, and/or suspension of all employees of the board as provided by law and the policies of the board with such recommendations reported to the board for final approval and confirmation.
  7. Take the lead in developing and implementing the district’s strategic planning process and accountability for the outcomes of the Strategic Plan in collaboration with the Board of Education, staff, students, and community.
  8. Assume responsibility for the overall financial planning of the district and for the preparation of the annual budget and submit it to the board for review and approval.
  9. Through the administrative staff, the superintendent will direct, assign, and assist teachers and all other educational employees in the performance of their duties; classify, assign, and control the promotion of students; and perform such duties as the board determines.
  10. Accept responsibility for the general efficiency of the school system, for the development of the employees, and for the educational growth and welfare of the students.
  11. Direct the work of the professional staff in the evaluation of curriculum, textbooks, instructional materials, and assessments and upon the basis of such study, will make recommendations for consideration and judgment.
  12. Supervise the establishment or modification of the boundaries of school attendance and transportation areas subject to approval of the board.
  13. Establish and maintain efficient procedures and effective controls for all expenditures of school district funds in accordance with the adopted budget, subject to the direction and approval of the board.
  14. Direct the formulation of salary programs and make recommendations regarding same to the board. After adoption by the board, the superintendent shall assign salaries to personnel on the basis of said programs.
  15. Direct studies of buildings and sites, taking into consideration population trends and the educational and cultural needs of the district, in order to ensure timely decisions by the board and the electorate regarding construction and renovation projects.
  16. Keep the public informed about modern education practices and attend such conventions and conferences as are necessary to keep informed of the latest educational trends and the practices and problems in the school district.
  17. Represent the board as a liaison between the district and the community.
  18. Establish and maintain a program of public relations to keep the public well-informed of the activities and needs of the district, affecting a wholesome and cooperative working relationship between the school district and the community.
  19. Make administrative decisions necessary for the proper functioning of the district.
  20. Conduct periodic district administrative meetings.
  21. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the board.

Board authority and responsibility of the office of the superintendent will not be limited to the above listing as they pertain to the learning, development, and the welfare of students and staff.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 4/13; 12/16; 11/19; 3/23
Revised: 12/10; 11/11; 8/14
Related Policy: 300.1; 301.1; 302.1-3, .5-6; 304.1
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 279.8, .20, .23A; 281 IAC 12.4(4)
IASB Reference: 302.4