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504.3 - Student Injury or Illness at School

When a student becomes ill or is injured at school or a school-sponsored activity, the school district will attempt to notify the student's parent/guardian as soon as possible.

The school district, while not responsible for medical treatment of an ill or injured student, will have employees administer emergency or minor first aid if possible. An ill or injured student will be released to the care of the parent/guardian or qualified medical personnel as quickly as possible.

It is the responsibility of the principal [or designee] to file an accident report for any incident with the superintendent [or designee] within 24 hours after the student is injured.

Annually, parents/guardians will be required to complete a medical emergency authorization form indicating the procedures to be followed, if possible, in an emergency involving their child. The authorization form will also include the phone numbers of the parent/guardian and alternative numbers to call in case of an injury or illness.

The superintendent [or designee] will be responsible, in conjunction with the district health services staff, to develop rules and regulations governing the procedures in the event a student should become ill or be injured at school or a school-sponsored activity. The school district reserves the right to take necessary actions to respond to a health or safety emergency.

Refer to Policy 504.3-R for regulations to follow regarding management of medical emergencies.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 4/11; 4/12; 7/13; 11/17; 12/20; 10/23
Revised: 12/13; 10/14
Related Policy: 504.3-R
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): § 613.17
IASB Reference: 507.04