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600.2 - Objectives of the Education Program




As productive, responsible, lifelong learners it is essential Linn-Mar students be:

Competent in Core Skills and Knowledge who are proficient in reading comprehension, computation, mathematical reasoning, and technology skills and who can use cultural, artistic, historical, scientific, and technological applications to explain, assess, and anticipate change as well as construct knowledge as needed;

Thinkers who independently access information and resources, who create and critically investigate multiple options, and who make decisions that effectively solve a variety of problems;

Self-Directed Learners who are aware of their strengths, needs, interests, and wants; who can set achievable goals, monitor and evaluate their progress, and who are resourceful in responding to change;

Responsible Citizens who recognize the relationships between self and others, who accept responsibility for their personal actions, and who actively participate in improving themselves, their families, and local and global communities;

Effective Communicators who listen, speak, write, read, and respond clearly to a variety of audiences and purposes;

Collaborative Workers who use their interpersonal skills to develop constructive relationships with diverse individuals and groups; and

Practitioners of Healthy Lifestyles who are aware of physical, social, and emotional health and wellness and incorporate appropriate practices into their everyday lives.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 10/11; 4/13; 5/14; 9/16; 2/21
Revised: 9/10; 6/20
Related Policy (Code #): 600.1
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 600
IASB Reference: 600