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600.1 - Goals of the Education Program




The goals of the school district shall be designed to achieve the mission statement of the district.

An advisory committee of representatives of the community and district shall be appointed by the superintendent, or designee, to make recommendations for the goals of the education program in alignment with the Strategic Plan. These goals will directly align with the written, taught, and assessed curriculum by all district personnel. Educational programming will align with the Strategic Plan.

Short-term and long-term goals of the education program shall be established annually by the board. These goals shall reflect the results of the needs assessment, recommendations from the advisory committee, recommendations from the superintendent, and changes in law within the framework of the Strategic Plan. These goals should reflect the clear identification of national standards and benchmarks.

The board shall report to the community regarding progress toward the achievement of the goals of the education program on an annual basis.

Adopted: 2/99
Reviewed: 6/11; 6/12; 4/15; 1/18
Revised: 9/13
Related Policy (Code #): 100.1; 101.1