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503.11 - Public Performances by Students




Students, as part of the education program, may participate in contests or other public and private events approved by the superintendent that will be of benefit to the student and the education program. Performance at such events is a privilege.

Students who perform at such events serve as ambassadors of the school district and must conduct themselves in the same manner as required in the regular school day.  Students who fail to abide by this policy and the administrative regulations supporting it may be subject to disciplinary measures.

Students will be allowed to perform in these events only with proper permission and supervision and when the events to not disrupt the education program or other school district operations. The events must be approved by the superintendent, unless it involves unusual travel and expense, in which case the board must approve of the performance.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent in conjunction with the building principals to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy. In developing the administrative regulations, these guidelines should be followed:

  • Performances by student groups below the high school level should be allowed on a very limited basis;
  • All groups of students should have an opportunity to participate; and
  • Extensive travel by one group of students should be discouraged.

It is within the discretion of the superintendent to determine whether the event will benefit the education program and the participating students. Contests or other performances by students unapproved by the superintendent are the responsibility of the parent and the student.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 5/11; 4/12; 7/13; 10/17; 9/20
Revised: 9/09
Related Policy (Code#): 503.4; 503.5; 503.6; 503.10
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 280.13-14; 281 IAC 12.6
IASB Reference: 504.4