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603.13 - Digital Communication




The internet provides a valuable learning tool for students and staff and offers another communication vehicle for informing the public about school programs and activities.

The board authorizes the establishment of a district website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and other appropriate digital communication platforms. Only those web pages approved by the superintendent, or designee, and maintained in accordance with board policy and administrative procedures will be recognized as official representations of the school district.

The superintendent, or designee, is responsible for assigning an individual responsible for maintaining the digital communication platforms. The superintendent, or designee, in conjunction with the responsible individual will develop administrative regulations regarding the digital communication platforms.

Adopted: 7/03
Reviewed: 7/11; 9/12; 10/13; 4/18
Revised: 2/15
Related Policy (Code #): 603.12; 603.12-R1-R2; 603.12-E1-E2; 604.6
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): § 279.8