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501.6 - Non-Resident Students

Students who are eligible to attend an Iowa public school but who are not legal residents of the district may be admitted into the district at the discretion of the superintendent upon application and payment of tuition. The tuition rate is the current per-pupil cost of the school district as computed by the board secretary and as authorized by the Iowa Department of Education.

Resident students whose families move from the district after the start of the semester and who wish to complete the semester in their former resident district will be permitted to attend. Students who plan to open enroll to their former resident district for the next school year may do so without approval of the school board.

Students in grades 11 and 12 who are no longer residents of the district but were residents in the preceding school year, may continue to attend school until they graduate without the payment of tuition. These students may be required to identify an adult who resides in the district for the purposes of administration.

Non-resident students who are eligible to attend an Iowa public school and who have evidence they will become legal residents of the district prior to October 1st may be allowed to attend without payment of tuition.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 5/11; 3/12; 10/14; 1/15; 10/17; 9/20
Revised: 7/13; 8/23
Related Policy: 500.1; 501.1; 602.23-25
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 257.6; 282.1-.2, .6-.7, .11, .24
IASB Reference: 501.02