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502.6 - High School Academic Eligibility for Co/Extra-Curricular Activities

Co/extra-curricular activities include, but are not limited to, interscholastic athletic contests, extra-curricular fine arts performances, and other competitions, trips, or performances by Linn-Mar High School sponsored clubs, teams, and organizations.

Students not academically eligible may be allowed to participate in practices at the discretion of the coach, director, or sponsor with the approval of the high school principal [or designee]. Academically ineligible students may travel with co/extra-curricular activity groups at the discretion of the athletic director or administrator but may not participate.

Students must pass all courses during the preceding grading period in order to be eligible to participate in co/extra-curricular activities. Students who do not pass all courses during the preceding grading period will be ineligible for a 30-day consecutive calendar period. For co/extra-curricular activities, this 30-day period will begin in the next grading period, the day after grades are available.

For athletics, this ineligible period will follow the guidelines of the Scholarship Rule, 281 IAC 36.15(2). The Scholarship Rule states that the student is ineligible for a 30-day consecutive calendar period in the next (or current) occurring interscholastic athletic team in which the student is a contestant. The 30-day period begins on the first date that competition in the sport is allowed, as determined by the Scholarship Rule. There is no requirement that the student competed in the sport previously.

In order to fulfill the requirements of a loss of competition penalty the student must complete the entire activity/sport season in good standing, as well as be withheld from the prescribed number of competition dates. To be considered a member in good standing, the student must follow all behavioral, attendance, and team expectations; be an active team member at the end of the season; and their name must be listed on the end-of-season report for the sport. If a student quits an activity/sport or is removed from an activity/team because of disciplinary reasons, they will not receive credit for time served.

Students who receive incomplete grades will be ineligible until all course work is satisfactorily completed. The courses must be completed within 10 days after the conclusion of the previous grading period. Students who qualify for credit recovery will be ineligible for a minimum of 30 days, pending the completion of all course work at a passing level. This work will be monitored by the academic assistance counselor with final approval by the principal [or designee].

The principal [or designee] is responsible for checking the records of students in activities at the beginning of the activity and at the end of each grade reporting period that the activity is in progress to determine eligibility and will notify the coach, director, or sponsor of ineligible students.

All first-time ninth graders (freshmen) will be considered academically eligible at the end of their eighth grade school year. The academic eligibility of incoming high school transfer students during the school year will be determined by their grades earned and reported by their previous school. Summer activities are considered an extension of the second semester.

The superintendent is responsible for the administrative regulations for academic eligibility.

Adopted: 5/90
Reviewed: 5/11; 4/12; 10/14; 1/15; 9/20; 10/23
Revised: 7/13; 4/16; 10/17; 11/17
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