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504.13 - Transgender and Students Nonconforming to Gender Role Stereotypes

The Iowa Civil Rights Act (Iowa Code Section 216.9) and Title IX protect transgender students from sex and/or gender discrimination and clearly delineates that protection from unfair practices and discriminatory acts in education, including gender identity.

The Linn-Mar Community School District is committed to serving the educational needs of the community and underscores its commitment by supporting all students in a safe learning environment. This policy relates to students who are transgender and students who do not conform to gender role stereotypes. In order to maintain a safe learning environment for all students, we must first ensure equal access to all components of the educational system.

While the administrative procedures established in Policy 504.13-R (Administrative Regulations Regarding Transgender and Students Nonconforming to Gender Role Stereotypes) provide important direction to employees, students, families, and other persons; they do not anticipate every situation that might occur with respect to students who are transgender or gender nonconforming. When an issue or concern arises that is not adequately addressed by these administrative procedures, district administration will consider and assess the needs and concerns of each student on an individual bases in consultation with parents, when appropriate.

This policy and Policy 504.13-R apply to all school activities, school-provided transportation, and school-sponsored events regardless of where they occur.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to develop regulations regarding this policy.

Note: Policy 504.13-R was deleted in March 2023

Adopted: 4/22
Related Policy: 103.1; 103.1-R; 103.1-E1-E3; 104.1; 104.1-R; 104.1-E1-E5; 104.3
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): 216.9 and Title IX