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1003.3 - Complaints about School Personnel




Whenever there is a complaint about the action of an employee, the individual should first be directed to consult with the affected employee concerning the complaint.

Next, the individual may give information to the employee’s immediate supervisor.

If the matter is not resolved, the appeal process will follow this order:

  1. Other supervisors or administrators in the line of responsibility
  2. The superintendent of schools
  3. The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall strongly encourage citizens to follow this chain of appeal.

No appeal will be heard by the Board of Directors and no charges against the employee will be investigated or acted upon by the board unless they are reduced to writing, signed by the party bringing them, and presented to the board through the superintendent.

The board will not hear or discuss confidential student or personnel complaints in open session.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/13; 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 11/10