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1003.4 - School District Volunteers




The Board of Directors encourages the use of community resources and citizens to assist in furthering the educational program of the school system. One of the greatest resources available may be found in the citizens of the community who have special knowledge and particular talents to contribute to the educational program. The board may allow volunteers to serve the schools on a regular basis. Volunteers, when in contact with students, are required to serve in public areas of the school.

Recruitment, training, utilization, and the maintenance of records for the purposes of insurance coverage and/or recognition of school district volunteers is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee].

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent [and designee] to develop the administrative regulations.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 3/13; 4/14; 6/15; 7/19
Revised: 10/08
Related Policy (Code #): 279.8; 670 (2013)