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502.5-R2 - Regulations Regarding Co/Extra-Curricular Conduct Philosophy & Parent Responsibility

We believe the Linn-Mar Community School District’s co/extra-curricular program is an extension of a balanced educational program that allows students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned in school to real life situations. It is through this interaction and systematic guidance of students in their everyday environments that we can provide first-hand experiences, test their skills, provide successes, and offer an effective means to prepare students for a total growth. Co/extra-curricular activities contribute to the total growth of a young person, provided these activities are conducted from a balanced educational perspective. The educational challenge is to provide a student the opportunity to learn how to learn. 

Co/extra-curricular activities serve many purposes. The benefits of a well-directed co/extra-curricular program are far reaching. Each activity should strive to achieve the following goals:

  1. Develop school spirit;
  2. Provide service to the school;
  3. Help students develop a feeling of competency;
  4. Provide opportunities to develop social skills;
  5. Provide opportunities for social mobility;
  6. Provide for informal interaction between faculty members, students, and parents;
  7. Provide training in citizenship and foster leadership;
  8. Provide opportunities for self-expression;
  9. Help students develop worthwhile activities for their leisure time;
  10. Provide opportunities for recreation;
  11. Provide information on vocations/careers and other topics of interest; and
  12. Promote healthy and productive lifestyles.

The Linn-Mar Community School District co/extra-curricular programs are completely voluntary. No student is obligated to take part in co/extra-curricular school activities. Participation is not required for advancement or graduation. Furthermore, school boards have the authority to adopt good conduct rules (Reference: Board of Directors of the Independent School District of Waterloo vs Green, 147 NW 2d 854, 1967). The basis of good conduct rules may apply to co/extra-curricular activities beyond athletics (Reference: Bunger vs Iowa High School Athletic Association, 197 NW 2d 555, Iowa 1972).

Co/extra-curricular participants in athletics, forensics, dramatics, or other interscholastic activities play a somewhat different role at school. Leadership brings additional responsibility and more is expected of participants in order to be eligible for their particular activity.

According to Linn-Mar Policy 502.5-Co/Extra-Curricular Conduct Policy, proper student conduct in these activities whether on school grounds or away from school during the school year or during the summer is expected and must coincide with the rules of the school and district.

By signing the Co/Extra-curricular Information Form, parents are indicating they have read and understand the following:

  1. I am aware of the inherent risks of potentially serious injury while participating in school co/extra-curricular activities. In light of these potential risks, I give my child permission to participate;
  2. I understand that certain co/extra-curricular activities require, by state and local rule, that participants have a physical examination completed by an MD, DO, DC, or approved nurse practitioner and on file with the school health services office prior to participation in a sport or activities;
  3. I understand that there is no school insurance to provide protection to my child during any phase of their participation in co/extra-curricular activities. All participants in co/extra-curricular activities should have some type of health/accident coverage or purchase an alternate student insurance policy available through the district;
  4. I give permission for an authorized school official to obtain medical attention for my child in case of injury or illness;
  5. I give consent for my child to engage in school approved co/extra-curricular activities as a representative of the school;
  6. I give consent for my child to accompany the school approved co/extra-curricular group on school-sponsored transportation to both in and out-of-town co/extra-curricular activities. Transportation home, other than school-sponsored transportation, may only be approved by the sponsor or coach if the parent of the child is present;
  7. I give consent for my child to travel to and from school-approved co/extra-curricular activities by means other than a school vehicle when school transportation is unavailable or impractical. I also waive the responsibility of the school district when my child is being transported by means other than a school vehicle and/or by a driver other than school personnel to or from a school-sponsored activity;
  8. I am aware that there are board policies and a board approved student handbook that contain certain regulations for academic eligibility; attendance in school; behavior both in and out of school; and rules concerning the possession, distribution, or use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco/nicotine. I understand that school administration may suspend or expel my child from co/extra-curricular activities for failure to abide by these regulations. I also understand that each activity may have additional rules for participation;
  9. I understand that some activities require fees, such as uniform and rental fees;
  10. I understand that academic eligibility for co/extra-curricular activities will be determined according to the guidelines established in board Policy 502.6-High School Academic Eligibility for Co/Extra-Curricular Activities. Students are advised that high school students must pass all courses during the preceding grading period in order to be eligible to participate in co/extra-curricular activities; and
  11. I understand that parents/spectators should be role models at all activities whether they are home or away. Parents/spectators must realize inappropriate and unsportsmanlike behavior may result in removal from the activities.

Adopted: 7/97
Reviewed: 5/11; 3/12; 10/14; 1/15; 10/17; 9/20; 10/23
Revised: 7/13
Related Policy: 502.1; 502.5-R1, R3; 502.6; 503.4-6; 503.10; 1005.6; 1005.6-E