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602.13 - Articulation and Alignment of Curriculum

Learning will be enhanced by adherence to an integrated curriculum that promotes continuity and cumulative acquisition of skills and knowledge from grade-to-grade and school-to-school. 

The curriculum shall reflect the best knowledge of the growth and development of its learners, the content of various curriculum disciplines, the needs of learners based on the nature of society, the desires of the residents/taxpayers of the school district, and the Iowa Core.

The curriculum is designed to provide teachers and students with the district’s expectations of what children and young people are to learn. Teachers are required to align their teaching to the Iowa Core and additional district standards.

Adopted: 7/99
Reviewed: 6/11; 6/12; 4/15; 1/18; 2/21; 2/24
Revised: 10/13
Related Policy: 102.1; 602.10