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602.26 - Attendance Center Exception Request

The board supports the internal transfer of a student from one attendance center to another within the district’s schools when there are extenuating circumstances. All attendance center exception requests will be reviewed for approval by the superintendent [or designee]. 

A process for handling these requests will be made available to all parents or guardians and will be published on a regular basis in order that all parents or guardians are aware of this administrative procedure.

The consideration for an attendance center exception request will be based on the extenuating circumstance and class size at the requested school. The decision on placement is not subject to appeal. If approved, the parents or guardians will be responsible for transportation of the student to and from school.

Adopted: 7/03
Reviewed: 6/11; 6/12; 10/13; 4/15; 1/18; 2/21; 2/24
Revised: 11/07
Related Policy : 501.9-10; 602.2-3; 602.7; 602.23-25