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602.17 - Career Education

Preparing students for careers is one goal of Linn-Mar’s education program. The district curriculum will be relevant to the world of work and Career Education will be infused into all curricular areas, PreK-12. Career Education will include, but not be limited to, awareness of self in relation to others and the needs of society, exploration of employment opportunities, experiences in personal decision-making, and experiences of integrating work values and work skills into their lives.

Effective Career Education begins with the basic academics, communications, and technical skills required for success in a changing world. In addition, every student should be offered, in an age-appropriate manner, opportunities to assess personal attributes and interests and to match these against potential career opportunities. The goal of Career Education is that all students will develop employability skills and required competencies in their area of interest by the time they graduate. Students will be provided guidance in educational planning to help achieve this goal.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to encourage and assist licensed personnel in finding ways to incorporate Career Education into the education program.

In addition to school-based resources, the district will utilize community resources (e.g., Junior Achievement, Workplace Learning Connection, Chamber of Commerce, MEDCO, school/business partnerships, student and faculty internships, etc.) to enhance the education program.

It is also the responsibility of the superintendent [or designee] to incorporate Career Education into Linn-Mar’s School Improvement Plan and to include the evaluation of Linn-Mar’s Career Education efforts in an overall district assessment plan. 

In any curriculum under review, the board will take special note of the components that indicate that Career Education has been incorporated into all curricula.

Adopted: 6/85
Reviewed: 6/12; 9/13; 4/15; 2/21
Revised: 6/11; 1/18
Related Policy (Code#): 602.12-13; 603.15
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 256.11, .11A; 280.9; 281 IAC 12.5(7)
IASB Reference: 603.7
Mandatory Policy