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603.13 - Digital Communication

The internet provides a valuable learning tool for students and staff and offers another communication vehicle for informing the public about school programs and activities.

The board authorizes the establishment of a district website, Facebook page, X account, and other appropriate digital communication platforms. Only those web pages approved by the superintendent [or designee] and maintained in accordance with board policy and administrative procedures will be recognized as official representations of the school district.

The superintendent [or designee] is responsible for assigning an individual responsible for maintaining the digital communication platforms. The superintendent [or designee] in conjunction with the responsible individual will develop administrative regulations regarding the digital communication platforms.

Adopted: 7/03
Reviewed: 7/11; 9/12; 10/13; 4/18; 6/21
Revised: 2/15; 2/24
Related Policy: 603.12; 603.12-R1-R2; 603.12-E1-E2; 604.6
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): § 279.8