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603.7 - Homework

Homework should be an integral and relevant part of a student’s instructional program. It should be used consistently throughout the grades and classes. Parents, guardians, or legal custodians should be informed of this homework policy and regulations.

Homework is defined as out-of-class assignments that may be considered as extensions and enrichment of the regular classroom instructional program, as reinforcement of newly acquired skills, as application of recent learning, or as preparation for further learning.

Three basic types of homework (practice, preparation, and extension) should be intentionally designed for students with the following purposes considered:

  1. Practice: To provide students an opportunity to reinforce newly acquired skills or apply recent learning.
  2. Preparation: To have the student obtain sufficient background information to be prepared for the next day’s instruction.
  3. Extension: To foster student initiative for learning through individual applications, research, and study.

It is the expectation that homework, as described above, will be given when appropriate in all classes in grades PreK-12. For all students, homework assignments should be:

  • Necessary and useful
  • Appropriate to the ability and maturity level of the students
  • Well explained and motivating
  • Clearly understood by the student
  • Identified as far in advance as possible to assist students in time management
  • Promptly monitored by licensed personnel including acknowledgement and/or feedback

The time required for homework completion should be appropriate to the student’s developmental level and potential. Teachers should consider the following when assigning homework:

  1. The number of assignments for which a student may have responsibility
  2. The complexity of the assignments
  3. The available school time in which homework can be completed
  4. The resources available to students while at home

Building principals will collaborate by level in the development of homework assignment guidelines that fulfill the intent of this policy and articulate to the next level the district’s mission to Inspire Learning, Unlock Potential, and Empower Achievement.

Adopted: 6/85
Reviewed: 9/12; 9/13; 6/21
Revised: 7/11; 2/15; 4/18
Related Policy (Code #): 602.16, 602.16-R