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603.6 - School Ceremonies and Observances

Student participation in opening and/or closing school day ceremonies or observances of a ceremonial nature will be of the student’s own choosing.

The school and district will respect each student’s personal beliefs, religious or non-religious, concerning patriotism as it relates to the opening or closing of school programs.

Non-participation of students in ceremonies or observances will not be cause for exclusion from the classroom, assembly hall, or group meeting place.

Per Iowa Legislative House File 847, the district will provide and maintain suitable flagstaff at each school site and raise the Iowa and United States flags each school day as weather conditions permit. The district will also display the United States flag and administer The Pledge of Allegiance in each 1st through 12th grade classroom on school days.

Adopted: 6/70
Reviewed: 7/11; 9/12; 9/13; 2/15; 4/18; 6/21
Revised: 12/07; 9/21
Related Policy (Code #): 603.11
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): § 279.8; 280.5
IASB Reference: 606.2