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603.3 - Excursions and Trips

The school board recognizes that a properly planned, well-conducted, and carefully supervised curriculum-related excursion/trip is a vital part of the curriculum of any classroom or current activity. Student travel related to co/extra-curricular activities that are a reasonable extension of student experiences are also supported as long as student participation is inclusive of the regular group activity participation.

Excursions/trips will have the approval of the building principal in advance of the trip. Consent of each student’s parent, guardian, or legal custodian is required in advance of any excursion/trip including activities and athletics.

Every effort should be made to confine trips to a single day, but it is recognized that there may be occasions when an educational excursion/trip will be of such distance and/or nature to necessitate students being gone overnight. Such trips will require the approval of the superintendent [or designee].

Students who have graduated by the time of the school-sponsored, scheduled excursion/trip are not eligible to participate. Sanctioned (Iowa High School Athletic Association or Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union) athletic competitions and/or tournaments are excepted as long as student conduct is covered by Policy 502.1.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent in conjunction with building principals to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

Adopted: 2/78
Reviewed: 7/11; 9/12; 9/13; 2/15; 4/18; 6/21; 2/24
Revised: 1/10
Related Policy: 502.1; 503.6; 603.3-R; 603.3-E
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): § 279.8; 281 IAC 43.9; 390 CFR Pt 390.3(f)
IASB Reference: 606.05