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204.16 - School Board Work Sessions




The board, a learning and decision making body, is confronted with a continuing flow of topics, issues, and needs which require action. While the board is determined to expedite its business, it is also mindful of the importance of planning, brainstorming, and thoughtful discussion without action. Therefore, the board may schedule work sessions and retreats in order to provide its members and the administration with such opportunities. The board has the authority to hire an outside facilitator to assist them in work sessions.

Topics for discussion and study will be announced publicly, and work sessions and retreats will be conducted in open session. No board action will take place at the work session.

Adopted: 9/85
Reviewed: 4/13; 8/14; 9/16; 10/19
Revised: 8/05
Related Policy (Code#): 204.1-4. .7-13
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 21; 22.7; 279.8 (2013); 1982 Op Atty Gen 162; 1980 Op Atty Gen 167;
1976 Op Atty Gen 384, 514, 765; 1972 Op Atty Gen 158; 1970 Op Atty Gen 287
IASB Reference: 210.4