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105.1 Procedures for Charging/Investigating Allegations of Injury/Abuse of Student by School Employees

Linn-Mar school employees will not cause injury or commit acts of physical or sexual abuse including inappropriate and intentional sexual behavior toward students. The definition of school employees for the purpose of this policy includes not only those who work for pay, but also those who are volunteers under the direction and control of the school district. Disciplinary actions up to and including discharge will be taken against any school employee who commits such acts.

Prompt investigative action will be taken in response to allegations of injury or abuse of students by school employees. Any complaint or allegation will be handled with as much confidentiality as possible. When requested, all employees will assist in the investigation, provide information, and keep confidentiality regarding the report and investigation.

The Linn-Mar Community School District will appoint a Level I investigator and an alternate Level I investigator and will arrange for or contract with a trained, experienced professional to serve as the Level II investigator. The Level I investigator and alternate will be provided training in conducting an investigation, at the expense of the Linn-Mar Community School District. The names of the investigators will be listed in the student handbook, published annually in the local newspaper, and posted in all school facilities. (Refer to Policy 105.1-E)

Linn-Mar Community School District Level I Investigators:

  • Karla Christian, Chief Officer of Human Resources, Equity Coordinator,
    Title IX Coordinator, and Affirmative Action Coordinator
  • Nathan Wear, Associate Superintendent and Equity Coordinator (Secondary Level)
  • Bob Read, Associate Superintendent and Equity Coordinator (Elementary Level)
  • Melissa Frick, Executive Director of Student Services and Special Education/Student Services Equity Coordinator

Address: 2999 N 10th Street, Marion IA 52302
Fax: 319-377-9252

Adopted: 5/90
Reviewed: 3/11; 12/11; 4/13; 3/23
Revised: 2/10; 9/14; 3/17; 11/18; 6/20; 10/23
Related Policy: 105.-E1; 401.1; 401.15; 401.15-R; 403.30; 403.39;; 505.5; 505.5-R; 505.52; 505.52-R
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 232.67, .70, .73, .75; 235A; 272A; 280.17; 709; 728.12(1)
IASB Reference: 402.03