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603.3-R1 - Administrative Regulations Regarding Excursions and Trips

Excursions/trips that relate to the educational development of the students are supported by the school board.

School sponsored excursions/trips are those in which only Linn-Mar students participate and are sponsored by a certificated Linn-Mar employee. In contrast to fieldtrips, which must demonstrate a strong alignment to the curriculum, excursions/trips must have a relationship to either the academic activity or athletic programming of the district with a purpose of advancing the development of the student or providing an opportunity for application of the student’s education.

Requirements of school sponsored excursions/trips include:

  1. Sponsorship by a certified district employee
  2. Provision of proper supervision by a qualified person for certain activities such as rock climbing, ropes, beach swimming, surfing, etc.
  3. Adherence to Policy 502.1-Student Conduct and completion of appropriate documentation by parents/guardians or students
  4. Completion of a written request to the Chief Financial/Operating Officer at least four weeks in advance of the excursion/trip including the following:
    1. The rationale for the excursion/trip including the purpose and objectives
    2. Clarification if request is dependent upon pre-qualifying for the event
    3. Detailed plans for student supervision
    4. Proposed itinerary
    5. Cost and source of funding
    6. Number of student participants
    7. Copy of required participation paperwork
  5. Approval by the building principal and submission of the approved application and materials to the superintendent [or designee] no later than four weeks prior to the start of the excursion/trip
  6. Within three weeks of completion of the excursion/trip, the sponsor will submit a written summary of the event to the building principal.

Note: Students who have graduated prior to commencement of the excursion/trip are not eligible to participate unless they are a member of a state sanctioned team or group and governed by Policy 502.1-Student Conduct.

Non-school sponsored excursions/trips including those involving groups with Linn-Mar students, or groups with Linn-Mar students and other students, will abide by the requirements of the excursion/trip sponsors and sponsoring organization or business. Parents/guardians of the students, the students, and the sponsoring organization are responsible for everything related to the excursion/trip as well as the excursion/trip. If the sponsors or sponsoring organization or business meets with students on campus, the sponsor or sponsoring organization must reserve the meeting space and pay rent for the use of district facilities related to the excursion/trip meetings, arrangements, or anything else related to the excursion/trip. District resources may not be used for any aspect of a non-school sponsored excursion/trip; this includes bulletin boards, district email, distribution of information in any format, informal meetings, etc. 

Adopted: 1/10
Reviewed: 7/11; 9/12; 2/15; 4/18; 6/21
Revised: 9/13; 8/16; 11/17
Related Policy: 502.1; 503.6; 603.3; 603.3-E