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403.3 - Violence in the Workplace

The Linn-Mar Community School District is committed to providing a safe professional work environment that is free of violence by employee against employee, employee against student, by third parties against employees, or by employees against third parties. Workplace violence includes but is not limited to the following when such conduct is committed on Linn-Mar property, at a school district event or activity, or in connection with a school district activity or event:

  • The offensive and/or unlawful touching by one person against another
  • Threats of harm, bodily or otherwise, to another
  • The use of abusive language, threatening, or intimidating comments
  • The possession of unauthorized firearms or weapons while on district property
  • Conduct detrimental to district personnel which may cause undue disruption of work or endanger the safety of persons or property
  • Stalking
  • Causing or encouraging another to commit conduct as listed above

Such conduct by employees, depending on the level of severity, may result in removal from the premises as quickly as safety permits and remaining off district premises pending the outcome of an investigation. In addition, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and legal action. Such conduct by third parties will be subject to legal action.

Allegations of workplace violence will be investigated and if substantiated disciplinary action will be taken. Legal action will also be taken, if appropriate.

Complaint Procedures: Employees or third parties who believe they have been subjected to violence in the workplace or believe they have witnessed such behavior as defined in this policy should immediately terminate all contact and communication with the offending party. They should then file a written complaint with the superintendent or chief officer of human resources who will determine if an investigation is warranted. The investigator may request the individual complete a signed, written complaint form and submit other evidence of the violent act including but not limited to letters, electronic documents, or pictures. If substantiated the district will conduct a timely investigation in as confidential a manner as possible. Interviews, allegations, statements, and identities will be kept confidential to the extent possible and allowed by law. However, the district will not allow the goal of confidentiality to be a deterrent to an effective investigation and all employees who are involved in an investigation are expected to provide honest and complete cooperation. Appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination will be taken promptly against any employee engaging in acts of violence and/or employees who are found to be dishonest or uncooperative during an investigation. The corrective action issued will be proportional to the severity of the conduct.

The district prohibits retaliation of any kind against employees who in good faith report bona fide acts of violence, assist with or conduct an investigation regarding such complaints, or appear as witnesses. Initiating a complaint under this policy will not cause any negative impact on complainants or participants in the investigation nor will it affect their employment, compensation, or work assignments. If an employee feels they have been subjected to any form of retaliation, the employee should report the conduct to the chief officer of human resources within three calendar days of the offense. Retaliation or attempted retaliation is a violation of this policy and anyone who does so will be subject to severe discipline up to and including termination.

Adopted: 12/95
Reviewed: 12/11; 4/13; 9/14; 3/17; 4/20; 4/23
Revised: 2/09